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What is state of screen Mirroring of Qt Applications on LVDS and HDMI?

Question asked by mohsen zahraee on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by mohsen zahraee

hi dears,

how is it possible to mirror qt app?

i don't know which backend(x, xwayland, wayland, fbdev, drm, ...) support this feature and what build system (YOCTO and Buildroot) and which version does support this.

I tested bsp community yocto 2.4 with fbdev+eglfs , separate screen works fine but dual lvds not, and also tested in buildroot with etnaviv.later support screen mirroring  but needs two screen should have same resolutions? and it is impossible to have different resolution.

so which build system and what backend currently support screen mirroring with different resolution of displays with qt?