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LPC213x and LPC214x Idle Mode and External Interrupts

Question asked by Sutton Mehaffey on Jun 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by Sutton Mehaffey

I have been using the LPC213x and 214x for several projects over the years.  On each of these projects, I use power down mode in order to save power and to wake up from an external interrupt.  On a new project, I wanted a UART1 interrupt and an external event to wake up the processor.  Since UART1 is needed, I decided to use Idle Mode.  However, I noticed that I am unable to get my external interrupt to wake up on an event.  Does Idle Mode not work with External Interrupts?  I haven't found specific documentation on that.  However, if I go to PD instead, my external interrupt works, so I'm guessing it doesn't work in Idle Mode.  If I simulate a external wakeup event and then wake up from a UART1 event, the external interrupt flag is set, but the wakeup from it doesn't occur.  Can someone verify if Idle Mode can work with External Interrupts or not, so I can continue investigating or change my design.  Thanks in advance.


Also, I don't need an actual interrupt vector.  I just need Idle Mode to resume to code.  Maybe it can't.