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Issue with S32K144 bootloader (ported from apl. note for S32K148)

Question asked by Manuj Agrawal on Jun 1, 2019
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We have ported the bootloader application note code (AN12218SW), for S32K148, to S32K144 and have been facing an issue.


As soon as we start debugging, the code does not stop at the default breakpoint at the "main" function, instead goes to the default ISR. This does not happen if I change the m_text section to be from address 0x00000410 (just for debugging purpose)

Here is the memory section in the linker file for the bootloader project.



The project was built with RTM 3.0.0 SDK, hence we had to change the flash driver from the example code to the one generated by the Processor Expert. I don't think this flash driver has created any problem yet.


I have attached the 2018.R1 project below as a zip file.


Any help on this issue is highly appreciated.