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Question asked by Dario Arcaro on May 31, 2019
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I'm working on FCCU for MPC5777C microcontroller and I'm trying to generate correctable/uncorrectable fault on RAM. In order to do this, I've followed the code present in this example:




This code injects 1b/2b ECC errors on the RAM memory by the EIM peripheral and I see the results of the errors in the ERM peripheral but I don't see the signaling toward the FCCU. According to my understanding, I expect that fault number 45 or 46 should be latched in the  FCCU_NCF_S1 register because the same are enabled in the

FCCU_NCF_E1 register.

I have read on this forum another couple of questions about this point but I didn't find a solution or a hint. 

Is there someone that can help me understanding better this situation ?

Thanks in advance.


Dario Arcaro