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MCUX rearrange project directory structure

Question asked by M I on May 29, 2019
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I have spent the last 2.5 months trying out & modifying different SDK imported projects according to the needs of the new embedded product that I'll be developing which is based on the MKL28Z512VLL7 MCU.   I have integrated & combined a 4+ different system modules (e.g. ADC, TSI, PWM, LPTMR, INTMUX) in a single project.   All these times I have been using the same & default MCUXpresso Project Explorer directory or folder structure that is shown on the left side of the workspace, which is like:



/component & subdirectories below








Given that I have many different features to implement combining all the different SDK driver files and functions, I would like to plan & make a different structure, at least under the "/source" directory.


Right now, all the flat single layer /source directory.


For my product's project, can I start adding subdirectories under /source to make things more organized for our own custom board's new & added custom code, maybe like this:


     projstart.c   -  runs before main file main() function




... etc.


Will MCUXpresso builder automatically update all make build files to create & add such new directories & subdirectories to build the new binary that works for the target custom board?


Let's say I start from a FreeRTOS based project & build features, tasks, function calls, call backs on top of it in different source files under different /source/directories, is there a limit where I should not "touch" or modify any based directory structure like /board, /component, /device, /drivers.... which come as included in the basic SDK project?


Please advise.


Thanks for the help.