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Is it possible to enable iMX6UL's EPIT in STOP mode?

Question asked by Kévin Roussel on May 29, 2019
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I am optimizing the power consumption of an embedded device based on the iMX6UL processor. My aim is to leave it sleeping as long as possible, using the EPIT to wake it up regularly as needed.


Currently, I am able (thanks to a custom Linux kernel module) to use EPIT interrupts to wake up my system from WAIT mode. But power consumption in WAIT mode is still quite high for my purposes.


Thus, is there a wait to keep EPIT enable in STOP mode on the iMX6UL?

(According to the processor manual (CCM chapter), programming the CCGR1 register allows to keep EPIT clocks running only in run and WAIT mode. Similarly, setting the MOD_EN_OV_EPIT bit in CMEOR register doesn't seem to have any effect.)


Thanks in advance for any comment or advice,