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Trusty TEE support in iMX8 Mini

Question asked by Maneesh Singh on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by Jagan Teki

Hi Sir,

I am planning to use iMX 8 Mini for my project.
On security and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) pdf document of NXP it is mentioned that iMX8 Mini comes with Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
and In Android, Trusty is a secure Operating System (OS) that provides a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).
so I want to know that -

1. Is Trusty included in Android package provided by NXP for iMX 8 Mini?
2. Can you please provide more information about how to get and use Trusty TEE for iMX 8 ?

Thanks & Regards,
Maneesh Singh