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FRWY LS10102a kernel defconfig

Question asked by Marco Lavena on May 28, 2019

some months ago I bought one of your NXP Freeway Development Board which mounts an LS1012a. Following the Getting Started Guide (
Document Number: FRWY-LS1012AGSG Rev. 1, 05/2018) linked in the product website page, I downloaded all it is needed (i.e pre-built firmware_ls1012afrwy_uboot_qspiboot.img and flex_linux_arm64.itb) in order to obtain a BSP image as described in section 4.2.
In this way I generated a perfectly running
Ubuntu 16.04 rfs that I used for my project purpose.


Then, just few weeks ago I have been forced to rebuild a new BSP following steps in section 6 of same document since new dtb and kernel configuration have been necessary. Apparently, using last LSDK 19.03 Ubuntu 18.04 has been also needed, so I switched to the updated distro.

The results have been that I experienced a significant performance drop, so huge that the maximum source compiling optimization has been mandatory in order to properly run my code, otherwise serious and unsustainable lags affected the execution.


Actually I am investigating the source of this malfunction, and I ask you if it possible to have the kernel configuration used for the bre-built files downloaded as in the guide. I hope that comparing our configuration I could spot some clues.


Thanks for the support and best regards,