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How to Enable GST-IMX Plugins for Android 9 on i.MX 8M Mini.

Question asked by Sambasiva Rao Kurakula on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2019 by Joan Xie

Is there a page similar to for IMX8M Mini.


We are trying to compile GStreamer(along with Good, Bad, Base and imx-gst-plugins pulled from codeaurora) for i.MX 8M Mini EVK Android 9. Please let us know how to enable all the IMX GST Plugins. Build output shows certain features like “vpu_wrap” are disabled which are required for video decoding using GST in Android 9 environment. We tried setting “--enable-vpuwrap” in config options but still the features are not enabled.


Configure result:

        Enabled features:

                plugin: v4lsink

                libs: v4l2core

        Disabled features:

                plugin: imxmp3enc

                plugin: wma8_enc

                plugin: vpu_wrap

                plugin: aiur

                plugin: beep

                plugin: overlaysink

                library: libX11

                imx2ddevice: g2d

                imx2ddevice: ipu

                imx2ddevice: pxp