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How to program the flash on the M52259DEMOKIT and M52259EVB

Question asked by Maclain Lobdell Employee on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2009 by Maclain Lobdell

Here's how to program the flash with the MQX demo software.   This is the web server demo that comes pre-flashed on the board and is described in the quick start guide.  If you are having trouble with the board or would like to get it back in its original state follow these instructions.     

  1. In the Demo Kit or EVB Quick Start Guide (found on the DVD), replace step 3 with the following steps.  This will program the board with the demo software that is introduced in the quick start guide.  The following steps are taken from Lab 4 of the Freescale MQX RTOS, USB, TCP/IP Lab Tutorials document found on the DVD Training tab, or at the link online here:
  2.  Be sure that the following is installed. 
    1. CodeWarrior for ColdFire v7.1 Professional Edition (evaluation available)
    2. CodeWarrior Update Patch 7.1.1
    3. MQX Software package. 
  3. Start Codewarrior and open the project by selecting
    1. File > Open menu item:
    2. c:\Program Files\Freescale\Freescale MQX 3.0\demo\web_hvac\codewarrior\web_hvac_m52259demo.mcp (or web_hvac_m52259evb.mcp)
  4. In the project pane select the build target WEB_HVAC - Int. Flash Release
  5. Compile the project by pressing the F7 key or by clicking the Make icon on the project pane toolbar.
  6. Open the Flash Programmer tool in the Tools menu. Make sure the "Use custom Settings" checkbox is Not selected (i.e. the configuration will be taken from the project).
  7. Click the "Load Settings" button and select MCF52259_INTFLASH.xml.
  8. Select the Erase/Blank Check page, select "All Sectors" and click Erase.
  9. Select the Program/Verifypage and click Program. Upon successful programming, the status will display "Completed Successfully."
  10. Push the reset button on the M52259DEMOKIT or M52259EVB, to execute the code that was just programmed. 
  11. Jump back to the Quick Start Guide Step 4.

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