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how to p2p read mode?

Discussion created by semikim kim on May 27, 2019
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l use ncf3340 chip.

I success p2p write mode for android.

but, i want p2p read mode from android.

I know I can get a message when I am in p2p target mode,

and I can send a message when I am in p2p2 initiator mode.

When you are in p2p traget mode, first check the llcp format and see if it is a p2p device.


Is there anything you need to do on Android to get p2p mode to become a target?

I wrote to the NXP NFC Tools application and tagged the antenna but did not enter Target mode.

Also, I am wondering how to interpret when receiving an NDEF message from Android to p2p mode.

Can you help me?