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UART IRQ question

Question asked by Brian Smith on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Mark Butcher



I'm working with FRDM-K22F and i'm developing my own lib to control it but i'm struggling with IRQ which can be called from rx and tx.


The problem is that i want to handle non-blocking read and also non blocking write(both uses interrupt)



void UART2_RX_TX_IRQHandler(void)
         if(UART2->S1 & UART_S1_RDRF_MASK)
                  circular_buff_put(internal_RX_UART_handle, UART2->D);

         if(UART2->S1 & UART_S1_TDRE_MASK)

Problems starts when IRQhandler is invoked by RX, both flags RDRF and TDRE will be active but i dont want to send data unless interrupt was caused by TX. I could use else if statement and that "solves" the problem temporary.


Now let's assume there was interrupt caused by RX and TX almost at exact same time, would be UART2_RX_TX_IRQHandler called twice or there is small chance i would have to handle 2 interrupts in 1 handler?