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how to build uboot to boot from emmc

Question asked by Asma A on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by xu xuewen

Hello Everyone,


   I am a newbie to i.MX world. We have developed a customized board for our product in our company similar to IMX6ULEVK. IC used is a little different it is mcimx6g3cvm05ab. We dont have SD card support on our board but instead eMMC Flash. My questions are:


1. How should I build uboot to boot from eMMC, do I have to change configuration in uboot code to burn fuses, if so how? Any example please.

2. Do we have any uboot binaries or .imx file  that I can use directly, as our board is same as IMX6ULEVK.( we dont support sd card on our board and we dont have anything for dip switches, I somehow have to burn fuses as well. so uboot binary with fuses burnt for booting through eMMC).



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