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Does PTN3365 supports DP to HDMI?

Question asked by Mark Kim on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Lisette Paulina Lozano Gomez


one of customers consides to use  PTN3365 or 3366 for his new product development. While he reviewd datasheets for both devices, He wants to clarify below three quest6ons. Could you get your clarification for answers below?


1) when referred to block diagram in datasheet, the datasheet of PTN3365 presented PCIe to HDMI. So, Customer wants to dobule check if  PTN3365 is one of right solutions for DP to HDMI. 


2)   As application , in case of  PTN3366 , It presents  2 cases : PC motherboard/graphics card , Docking station ( refer to 3. Applications Page). Please dobule check if PTN3366 is also right device for DP to HDMI adapters.


3) When compared Revision History of both devices above, PTN3366  is older device than PTN3365. But PTN3366 has lower power consumption than PTN3365. which one is recommeded?

 What makes power difference between both devices?


I appreciate your help in advance.

thank yo

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Mark Kim