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KDS Projects in Windows 7 transfer to Windows 10

Question asked by M I on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Charlie Jonshon



We have a firmware project that's based-on Kinetis MK22FX512 MCU which was developed in Kinetis Design Studio v3.0.0 using KSDK  v1.3.0, all under Windows 7.  


I took over this project to upgrade and add new features in firmware to the product also in this environment in Windows 7.    There will be more modifications in the future to add few more features.    All the project source and built files are on a server, and not in my PC.


Now I will be starting on a new HW/FW project based-on Kinetis MKL28Z512VLL7 inside MCUXpresso usking the SDKs that I need to develop this product.   Currently, I have been doing a lot of trial projects in MCUXpresso under Windows 7.


Our IT department will move all our PC's to Windows 10 soon, in a month or so.


I would like to start the new product's firmware in MCUXpresso under Windows 10, with all of GIT version control source management.


However, I still need to support and develop for the old FW in KDS IDE that has been worked on in Windows 7.



1.  When IT upgrades my PC to Windows 10, will downloading and installing KDS v3.0.0 and KSDK v1.3.0 still work as is?  Or do I need to make special arrangements or other application installation to make them work in Windows 10 just as how it worked in Windows 7?

2.  When in Windows 10, will I still be able to import those KDS projects in KDS via "Import Projects" ---> "From Existing Projects" etc. without any issues, such that all existing MK22 firmware can be edited, upgraded and built just as how I have done it when everything was  in Windows 7?


Thanks for the help.