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IMX8MQ M4 UART problem.

Question asked by Sivaram SR on May 24, 2019
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I am using a IMX8MQ eval board from TechNexion, while playing around with the M4 Core of the SOC I noticed that in all examples provided I am not able to recieve using UART but am able to transmit without a problem.


I am using the SDK provided by them (SDK version 2.3)


I tried all UART recieve APIs but all in vain.

I checked the device tree files so as to make sure that the device tree initialization is not conflicting with what I have defined for M4 Core.


Link to the project


I even checked the hardware the UART singals are there till the SOC Pins.

I also tried changing ports but still no luck..


Any help would be appreciated..!!

Thanks in Advance