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PCA9615 noise power supply

Question asked by DELMAS yannick on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by DELMAS yannick


I want to use PCA9615 because I have a lenght cable about 2 meter between my master and the I2C slave.

I have buy the kit sparkfun with PCA9615 and I try it with ethernet cable between the both.


This's don't work. My power supply is very noise. I see the SCL/SDA on the master side, but I see only on DSDA- and DSCL- signal. There's nothing on DSDA+ and DSCL+, and so nothong on the slave side.


Does the power noise can be the problem ? Or what ?


I'm not sure this's the best IC choise. I see also the PCA9605.

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