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Imx8qxp suspend to ram kernel panic

Question asked by Ahmed Bekhet on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2019 by Anjalik Krishna

I am currently using IMX8qxp with linux kernel 4.14.62-imx-4.14.62 and I am having trouble suspending the board

it causes a kernel panic

Synchronous External Abort: synchronous external abort (0x96000210) at 0xffff00000804500c

The issue is caused by the gpio driver, specifically the suspend function "PC is at mxc_gpio_noirq_suspend+0x94/0x178" digging further into this revealed that this issue occur when trying to read registers values to save them before suspending and that this happen with one gpio only, disabling this node from the tree resolve the problem, but I am looking to find a solution that wouldn't require disabling the node.

Here is the offending node

gpio0_mipi_csi0: gpio@58222000 {
   compatible = "fsl,imx8qm-gpio", "fsl,imx35-gpio";
   reg = <0x0 0x58222000 0x0 0x1000>;
   interrupts = <0 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>;
   interrupt-parent = <&irqsteer_csi>;
   #gpio-cells = <2>;
   #interrupt-cells = <2>;
   power-domains = <&pd_mipi_csi>;

I double checked from the reference manual that the node address is right and that the node is actually a gpio, so I am clueless as to why this issue could be happening.