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Unable to generate interrupt from SBC!

Question asked by Vaibhav Sharma on May 23, 2019
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SBC- FS6513C: How to generate a test case to check the working of interrupt? I've tried to reduce the power supply down to 2V which should fulfill the 1st category depicted below.


Have tried other options as well, like voltage change(0-12V) on IO_0 line, which should fall under the category of IO_0 digital state change. I've tried inserting wrong parity(SPI_PARITY) & SPI_REQ as well. But all these couldn't get me trigger on INTB pin.


Values of INT registers configured-

0x8A06, // INIT_INH_INT
0x8800, // INIT_INT


Have I missed anything or, if not, then how to generate a test case to verify the INTB?