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i.MX6UL Kernel 4.14.115 RS485

Question asked by Ralf Glaser on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Ralf Glaser

Hi @all,


has anybody a working RS485 configuration for i.MX6UL running Linux Kernel 4.14.115 (DTS entry, example source) or any other kernel version?


We have tried various versions of the DTS file entry and finally end up with the same result everytime:

Once we open the port (using cat or whatever software) the RTS line goes low and stays low. Except when using stty to set -hupcl, in this case RTS will stay high no matter what.


So the following questions arise:

Has anybody ever successfully (read as beeing able to send AND receive data) used the RS485 driver?

If yes, how does it need to be configured and used?

Are we missing something essential here?


Thanks and best regards,