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IMX6Sololite PCLK High Level DC input Voltage

Question asked by Fisher He on May 22, 2019
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    Customer now is using IMX6SOLOLITE, and they has a camera connect to imx6sl by CSI  module, and PCLK comes from camera to imx6. Now they want to know whether the High level DC input voltage(Vih) for PCLK is 0.7 x OVDD or 0.5 x OVDD? 

     In datasheet, there is a table as below:

  From this table, we can see is 0.7 x OVDD.

 But, in the chapter of CSI ,there are figures as below:

From Figure 23 and Table 37, It seems that the high time(P5) and low time (P6) of PCLK is calculateed from the middle of the wave, that is the point of 0.5 x VDD.

      So, now is the question, the Vih of PCLK is 0.7 x OVDD(OVDD is 3.3v now, that is 2.31v), or 0.5 x OVDD? Cutstomer want to know the lowest value of the PCLK high levle. Now they find that the peak of PCLK on their board is 2.2v and still work OK.

      Thank you!