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Zigbee - JN5169 - Conbee(Raspberry Pi)

Question asked by Matthew Wood on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Matthew Wood

Hello Community,


I have had a Board manufactured using the JN5169 Microcontroller. The board as been designed to the specification that is in the JN5169 DataSheet (Pages 77-79). I Have also bought an off the shelf NXP JN5169 Board which i have flashed a Light Demostration program to it. I have also got a Raspbery Pi which as a Conbee USB (Zigbee) Dongle atatched to it and that is running the deConz GUI (Phoscon App). The Raspberry Pi can find the off the shelf NXP board but when i upload the same demo progam to the board that i have had manufactured the Raspberry Pi cannot find the board.


The only diffrence with the off the shelf board and the board that i have had manufactured is that the NXP board has a built in antenna and the manufactured board as an SMA screw in antenna. The SMA  antenna is a 2.4Ghz Zigbee 2dbi antenna.


I have disabled the Wifi to see if this was causing any communication problems but it does not changed anything.

The NXP board is fine with the Wifi switched on.


Any help is much appreciated.