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LPC55S6x supply and package

Question asked by Wouter Quartier Employee on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by ZhangJennie

Dear Madame, Sir,


We're considering to use the LPC55S6x for a new design to replace the KL27.


However, we have some specific questions where I didn't find an answer in the datasheet.


1. VDD is specified from 1.8V (min) to 3.6V (max) for the LPC55S6x. For the previous design (KL27) a 1.8V supply is used which is really on the limit. The KL27 was specified to 1.71V (min). Is it possible to spec the LPC55S6x down to 1.71V as well? What is the impact if the supply goes (slightly) below 1.8V?


2. The KL27 has an internal 3V3 regulator for USB. The LPC55S6x requires an external USBx_3V3. Is it possible to have this supply floating when USB is not used?


3. Do you know if a WLCSP package variant is scheduled?


Best regards