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Can't update QCVS past 4.6.0

Question asked by Amin Al-Tabich on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Amin Al-Tabich

So I've been trying to connect to LS1021A TWR evaluation board, with no luck, because of the "core not responding" error. I found a topic regarding that, and apparently one of the known solutions is to update CW for ARMv7 to 10.0.9 (the version installed through USB stick attached to the board was 10.0.7), however, this version doesn't appear in the update list or "install new software" list. I found that the most recent plugin supporting this processor would be QCVS 4.9.1, so I started updating the one installed through USB stick (4.3.0). It updated to 4.6.0 and that's it. This version also can't connect to my board and doesn't even support CMSIS-DAP connection through the board's micro USB port. There is no official list of update repositories and there is no newer version of this software in repositories available through my current software. How can I get the newest development environment for LS1021A TWR supporting both CodeWarrior TAP and CMSIS-DAP?