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Finding and binding about JN5169

Question asked by JIAZHAO LIN on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by JIAZHAO LIN

Hi all,

I used the demo JN-AN-1217 to develop my own product,and i get a question when i am in finding and binding.

Here is the question,

I add 3 endpoint to router node so the node have 4 endpoint, when I use the end device as a controllor to bind with the router as a target. The first endpoint that I added and the original one  were bind successed,but the others always fail to binding.

When I delete the first endpoind i add, one of the endpoint which is failed getting success to binding. I think that there are only two endpoints can be bind in this node.

But I didn't find out that somewhere to set up this. So I ask help for you .

thank you!