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Can I use register CAN_CBT with CAN1_7 except CAN0 in MPC5748G?

Question asked by Younghoo Jun on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa



I have a question.

I have successed to use CAN-FD in CAN_0 but I want to use CAN-FD with CAN_3 or CAN_4 .

In MPC5748GRM, CAN_0 have the register CAN_CBT and CAN_FDCBT but I think CAN1_7 don't have CAN_CBT.

And when I use S32 Design studio for power achitecture, there are no CAN_CBTs for CAN1_7 in MPC5748G.h


1. in reference manual, When we use can_fd, it recommend to use CAN_CBT instead of CAN_CTRL1

is it possible to use CAN_CTRL1 for CAN-FD?


2. Can I use CAN_CBTs for CAN1_7 in S32DS using MPC5748G?


3. If so, How can use CBT for CAN1_7?


I will thank you for your advices:)