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LPSPI3 slave on GPIO_AD_B1 doesn't receive data

Question asked by Julian Obst on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hello friends,


I'm trying to get the LPSPI3 peripheral working in slave mode connected to GPIO_AD_B1_XX. But at least I was not able to receive any data from an other master. I tried DMA, interrupt and polling :-(.


I'm using the RT 1051 on a custom board. The electrical connection between master and slave is working fine and I have verified the signals (level and frequency). I'm sure, this is not any kind of hardware bug.

I configured the MUX, clock and the LPSPI3 with the MCUXpresso Config Tools v5 and SDI/SDO is reversed for acting as slave.


When I check the LPSPI registers, the TXCNT of FSR register doesn't decrease and the RXCNT doesn't increase.

Also the RXEMPTY bit of RSR register is always set and the RDR register keeps empty.


Has anyone struggled with the same behavior?

Is there any possibility to get the state of the PCS signal by the LPSPI3?


I'm thankful for any ideas :-)