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Question asked by Muhammet Emin ŞAHİN on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by TomE

We have two IMX6 processors in our system.One of the processor sends uncompressed video over UDP to other one. And there is also async. data communication (10 to 120 Bytes max) between each other  using TCP . We experience sometimes dropped packets or sometimes transfer delay in the communication. We tried different methods in our source code. We also tried migrating the communication from TCP to UDP but we still see communication problems as before.

We did write some experimantal code for send/receive purposes between processors. We think sender side is able to send but the receiver side cannot  receive all the packages sent.


We tried to suspend UDP video transfer while communication takes place and we saw that communication works flawlessly. But as sson as video transfer begins, the communication problem arises.


How can we debug the problem? Is there a possible solution we can try?


QT version : 5.3.2

UDP transfer : QUDPSocket

TCP transfer : ZMQ

Yocto : Poky Distro

Kernel : 3.14.28