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mimxrt1050 bricked: could not find core in coresight setup, CPU could not be halted

Question asked by BENJAMIN OLAYINKA on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Victor Jimenez

I thought I bricked my mimx1050_evk board, because trying to flash consistently gave me the following errors:


WARNING: CPU could not be halted


****** Error: Could not find core in Coresight setup


I found this post about a similar problem on a similar processor, and I guessed that the software running on the MCU must be crashing or preventing communication on the SWD line.


I'm on a mac and I couldn't use the unbricking tool P&E provided, but I managed to unbrick my board by holding down the reset button, running flash from JLinkExe, then releasing reset while the tool looked for the processor, and praying.. it took about 10 tries, but eventually I managed to overwrite the MCU flash, and now it's working again.


Just a heads up for anyone who might be encountering these CPU could not be halted errors.