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[PN7362] System halted in phhalPcr_EnterLowPowerMode()

Question asked by Nicholas Yao on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 24, 2019 by Nicholas Yao


We are doing a NFC card reader implementation with PN7362.
This reader will wake up and activate the antenna then get into the low_power mode periodically.

phhalPcr_StandbyPrevReason_t sStandbyPrevReason = {0};
phhalPcr_WakeUpConfig_t sWakeUpConfig = {0};

phhalHw_Wait(pHal, PHHAL_HW_TIME_MICROSECONDS, 5100);

sWakeUpConfig.bWakeUpTimer = 1;
sWakeUpConfig.wWakeUpTimerVal = 300;

phhalPcr_EnterLowPowerMode((phhalPcr_RfLdtParams_t *)gpkphCfg_EE_HW_RfLdtParams, &sWakeUpConfig, &sStandbyPrevReason);

Sometimes, the system has halted and struck in phhalPcr_EnterLowPowerMode.
And we found that if changed the wait time (5100) to 6000ms or more, seems the occurrence is reduced...

Any idea about this? What is the exact wait time in this system?