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Does P2020 support large page(8192+448) Nand Flash?

Question asked by Derek Dou on May 19, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by ufedor


       Our board is embedded with P2020 and Nand flash (MT29F64G08CBAAA). The nand flash page size is 8192+448bytes,  and it supports ONFI 2.2. In the u-boot, we configure ELBC to FCM mode and it could read the nand ONFI parameters correctly.


ONFI flash detected
NAND device: Manufacturer ID: 0x2c, Chip ID: 0x88 (Micron MT29F64G08CBAAAWP), page size: 8192, OOB size: 448


        But the "nand erase" operation doesn't work. After run "nand erase 0x0 0x200000" to erase one block, and then dump one page data of this block with "nand dump". The first 4096 bytes data are as expected "0xFF", but the next half page 4096 bytes data are not "0xFF".

        Also, "nand write" couldn't work.


        The FCM BR="0xFF800C21", and OR=0xFFFF8796.


        Are the configurations error? Or, P2020 doesn't support nand flash with 8192 pages?


       Attached is the u-boot logs.