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tftp timed out 1/15 error in ltib on imx27 in Redhat9 environment

Question asked by MANOJ AGARWAL on Feb 4, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2009 by MANOJ AGARWAL
Dear All,
I am stuck. I have made the imx27ads kit up and working on my pc setup with Redhat9. Bad luck, my system got problem and OS crashed.
I loaded again the same things , same way, but now when I give following command at redboot:

Redboot> load -r -b 0x100000 /tftpboot/zImage

it gives error:
using default protocole (TFTP)
TFTP timed out 1/15
Can't load '/tftpboot/zImage' :smileysurprised:peration timed out

I have tried the same process many times.
I checked /etc/exports also for line:
/tftpboot/ltib/ (rw,no_root_squash,async)

I checked Xinetd and NFS server also working ok

Firewall is also OFF.

What could be the error?
Can somebody help me?
Is there any way I could check, where in TFTP is the fault?

Thanks in advance.