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How to unlock K64F on TWRK64F120M?

Question asked by Matthias Ringwald on May 20, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Matthias Ringwald

Hi. Without playing with security, the K64F got into a read protected mode. That's from JLink tool with J-Link OpenSDA


Connecting to target via SWD
Protection bytes in flash at addr. 0x400 - 0x40F indicate that readout protection is set.
For debugger connection the device needs to be unsecured.
Note: Unsecuring will trigger a mass erase of the internal flash.
Device will be unsecured now.
Timeout while unsecuring device. Erase never starts.


NXP Web Chat suggested to try P&E Recovery Tool. However, after putting PE firmware on the OpenSDA, the recovery tool couldn't find the board.


I'd also like to try with my J-Link Plus, but I couldn't figure out what configuration is needed to use it asides from pluggin the ARM Cortex M connector into the K64 JTAG header J5.


Any other ideas?