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How to detect an exception cause

Question asked by Evgeny Erenburg on May 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Robin_Shen

At some point when a program runs it gets an exception


/* ** =================================================================== ** Method : Cpu_Cpu_Interrupt (component MK10FN1M0LQ12) ** ** Description : ** This ISR services an unused interrupt/exception vector. ** This method is internal. It is used by Processor Expert only. ** =================================================================== */



     /* This code can be changed using the CPU component property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */            PE_DEBUGHALT();


How can I now the cause of the problem? In IAR for instance there is a Call Stack window were we can see the last function before the exception.

On Debug window I see this (the picture).                                                   Does it mean the exception was thrown from  main()?