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MPC5777C FlexCAN CAN_ERRSR Value After Reset

Question asked by Benard Setiohardjo on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Martin Kovar

I am working on the FlexCan Peripheral of the MPC5777C and found that the value of the CAN_ERRSR register is set to 0x0009 0009 after resets (both hard and power reset).
This value indicates that the following ECC errors have been detected:
1. Non-correctable host access
2. Correctable error
3. Overrun on non-correctable host access
4. Overrun on correctable error


The reference manual (Rev. 8.1) states that this register should be 0x0000 0000 after reset. Does anyone have explanation to this?


My Setup:
Target HW: MPC5777C-512DS and MPC57XX Mother Board
In-Circuit Debugger: Lauterbach Trace32


I get the contents of the CAN peripheral Registers using Trace32 “On-Chip Peripherals” after running “Program Flash (prepare only)”.