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i.MX8MMINI hardware design for RTC and set level voltage

Question asked by Bin Lin on May 17, 2019
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     I have two questions about hardware design for i.mx8m mini , please halp me:

     1)   In 8MMINILPD4-EVK-DESIGNFLES.ZIP, We need to use CPU RTC function on our project , how to connect the PMIC(BD71847MWV) if we use the coin-battery(3V), or can't support that ........

      2)  about the power configuration for  CPU , if we set power NVCC_ECSPI is 3.3V, powe NVCC_UART is 1.8V,(as figure 1), then the level voltage is 3.3v of the ECSPI signals ,right?  but we change to UARTs from ECSPIs in IOMUX configuration, what is the level voltage of the UARTs now. (as figure 2)