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LittleFS and FatFS

Discussion created by Tom Moulton on May 16, 2019
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First thing - Adding LittleFS is a big win for embedded systems!

Removing FatFS may be a problem, LittleFS uses an internal file system format,

so anyone needing SD Card or USB MSC will need FatFS


1) Pleased add FatFS back to the SDK (latest I have seen is 2.5.1)


The version of LittleFS in the SDK is about 2 years old and more importantly it is covered by the Apache license and the current version is covered by the BSD Clause 3 license.

The BSD license is what much of (all?) the other NXP provided source is covered by, so upgrading LittleFS would also fix any licensing incompatibilities.


2) Please Upgrade LittleFS in the SDK


I also wish that there were more demos that uses FreeRTOS


and finally


I have found that the New Project wizard and SDK often do not play well together.

It is easy to select the wrong things (forgetting some things) and the code just won't compile with little diagnostics as to what is wrong.


Maybe I have been spoiled by my experience with the ST CubeMX tools.

It it not 100% trouble free, but a much better experience than I have had with MCUXPresso.

We also invested a lot of time in KDS/KSDK, so we are a little gun shy of MCUX.


We LOVE the chips!

We would like to love the tools too!



ps. NXP processors in use MPC8241, MPC8313, MK60 and RT1050 in development