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WM8962 sometimes play music have problems

Question asked by xu yuanzhi on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi, everyone

I designed a new board following the Imx6q sabresd board. the only difference is wm8962's 3.3v power and 1.8v power is from the other dc/dc, not from the pmic. Now my board have a problem that sometimes when I power on the board first time everyday, I use mpg123 play a mp3 music, the music  playing very slow, likely the 1/2 speed of normal speed.when this problem occured, I use aplay to play a wave file,the wave plays ok. And after this, I use mpg123 to play mp3 again, this time it plays OK. So, Any body know the