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Callback function for uart interrupt receiver

Question asked by Reena Patel on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by Jing Pan

Hello all,

I am new to nxp' microcontroller. and for my project i am using MK20DX128VLL7. 

and i have to do UART communication with GSM module. 

Software information : KDSK 3.2 + pE

I have enabled interrupt as well, as i want call back function specially for receiver. but could not find anywhere.

As my knowledge there is EVENT.c file for interrupt, an there are function as well. but i have not seen any ISR handler. i think there has to be PE_ ISR() like something. 

And there has to be fsl_uart_irq.c file as well. but i think pE +KDSK 3.2 does not support it .


Basically i want something like callback function where i can receive one by one character. does there any function in ASerialLLD1.c file or anywhere else ?


Please try to give me full sequence from which function should i use for uart to call back funtion.

And also i was not able to download SDK file for my micro-controller, because there is not SDK available for. 

I have downloaded SDK2.0 for MK20DX128xxx10. but might not be help full. 

And SDK file project does not support pE for component initialization. 


So i want to work with SDK2.0, how can i add component in it and initialize them. 

Please reply as soon as possible.


Reena Patel