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How to measure and reduce Wake Up time in full stop mode

Question asked by Vyshakh J on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by lama

Hi All,


I am using MC9S12ZVLA128 controller for my application, and I am using the full stop mode feature of the MCU,

and I am getting current consumption of around 30uA, but my wake time is too large around 200ms.


Not sure , whether it is an issue with my measurement or do I need to make any configuration to reduce the wake up time in full stop mode.

I am running my system with an external oscillator of 10Mhz and PLL clock is derived from this external oscillator and system clock has been derived from PLL clock(64Mhz).


Can you suggest a method for measuring the wake up time ? and how can I reduce my wake up time as low as possible in full stop mode.



Vyshakh J