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How can i resize display image? xrandr give the answer "Can`t open display"...

Hello community. I have a problem with display witch connected through HDMI to a GW5404 board (GATEWORKS/Ventana)  is based on i.MX6Q cpu. 

I've installed   Ubuntu 14.04  trusty-x11-ventana image with LXDE desktop environment. It looks pretty nice, but...

My display has frames witch cover a little area near edges of display matrix.  I found some manners how to do it,

but they advise to use xrandr  linux command. But problem in that xrandr gives the answer "Can`t open display".

I`ve checked once more xorg.conf content, and it is the same as in i.MX_Reference_Manual_Linux.pdf p.173.

How can i change display settings, and reduce display image?

And, why xrandr can`t find display? 

Thanks in advance for all the help.