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A problem about MIMXRT1050 -EVK

Question asked by ZhiJiang Wang on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Now, I found a problem with the ADC acquisition of the RT1O5O. When I used the official ADC_ETC routine, I simulated it with Keli5 and found that the value obtained by ADC sampling has a large deviation, which is obviously inconsistent with the description in the data sheet. I set the weekly wave to collect 100 points, and then observe the collected points when the DC signal is sent to the GPIO_AD_B1_03 channel of the development board. When the value is binary, the first point is 1830, and the subsequent points will be larger. The float, the maximum value is 1848 and the minimum value is 1814. Such a deviation does not meet the accuracy requirements in the data sheet, so I would like to consult the sampling aspect of the ADC to achieve the accuracy requirements in the data sheet.