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MFRC522/MFRC630 long cable antenna?

Question asked by michelebertoni on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Wigros Sun

Hi to all, I have this question: I need to use MFRC630 (or more common MFRC522), but not with integrated antenna.
On market I can find a lot of MFRC522/630 boards, but all with integrated antenna.
I need:


MFRC522/MFRC630 PCB ------>>--------- 5 meters cable ----------->>---------- antenna


Is there a way to do this?
I can find several types of antenna, but having +5V, RX, TX, GND or +Vant,-Vant pins, so I have no idea about connect antenna to MFRC522/MFRC630....