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IMX6 QUAD- Should NVCC_EIMx & NVCC_LCD be same voltage?

Question asked by Emil George on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Emil George

Hi Team,

In our new Dual camera project, we're interfacing 2 cameras with YCbCr-16 parallel interface to CSI1 and CSI2 ports of IMX6 Quad processor.


We're using 3.3VIO voltage for both of these camera signals.

So, NVCC_CSI, NVCC_EIM0, NVCC_EIM1, NVCC_EIM2 are all connected to 3.3V.


The OLED we wanted to connect had RGB-24 interface with 1.8VIO voltage.

So, we thought of connecting NVCC_LCD to 1.8V and use DISP0_DATA00 to DISP0_DATA23 signals and associated lock and sync signals which come under NVCC_LCD power group.

But when I set NVCC_LCD as 1.8V in Pins tool which I use for pin planning, a warning was shown mentioning "Power Group conflict".


Please explain to us why this warning.

Please confirm if we can use display signals at1.8VIO setting NVCC_LCD= 1.8V.


Thanks in advance.