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Question asked by Jay Montague on May 15, 2019



I'm using the S32K146 and I'm trying to set up the LPUART to work with a FIFO buffer of 64 or 128 bytes using a polling method.


I'm setting TXFE and RXFE of the FIFO register to enable Rx and Tx FIFO's (LPUART1->FIFO = 0x00000088), but TXFIFOSIZE and RXFIFOSIZE on the FIFO register say their read only, so how would I set the FIFO buffer depth?


I set RXWATER to be 3 as this is the maximum value, but then RDRF on the STAT register is set when only 4 words are received. Does this mean that the maximum FIFO size is 4 words? As in the manual it says its up to 256 words?


I also tried reading the received data when RXCOUNT has reached a certain number of bytes, but it again only seems to work for a maximum of 4 words?


Any help would be much appreciated.