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How to support the S32K11x in S32 Design Studio

Question asked by Miller Xue on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Jiri Kral

I am using the S32K116 and S32K118 to develop my product. The S32 Design Studio for ARM V2.0 has been installed, in which I can't find the S32K118 when the new project was created. Where I can find the device package for S32K118? I've found the device packge for S32K116 in NXP's website, but the K118 can't be found.


Besides, I've also tried to install the S32 Design Studio for ARM 2018.R1. It can't support the S32K11x series MCU defaultly. The update packages in NXP's website are too complex to let my know which one I need to install, would you give me some advice?


Miller Xue