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Ov5645 Probing failed

Question asked by Santhana Kumar S on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 26, 2019 by vinothkumar s



    I need to port Omni vision ov5645 camera module in imx6qdl apalis ixora board for Android Nougat plaform, I added dts support in imx6 board & probing itself failed for me. Anyone suggest how to check it's hardware problem or any configuration missing. difference i found in ov5645 & ov5647 interfaced in my board, ov5645 chip address not found.


Camera Logs:

camera ov5645_mipi is not found


u-boot args:


In ov5647,

i2c probe

it showing valid chip address : 36


In ov5645,

i2c probe

it showing valid chip address :