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Discuss the software and hardware authorization of NXP chips?

Question asked by max xu on May 15, 2019

Hello everyone!
Our company's products are about to be mass-produced. A question about the software and hardware authorization of NXP chips
1. Do you have a license to buy Code Warrior 10.7? My code is less than 16k. The function of software without license is not limited. Do you not know if it is infringed after mass production?
2. Regarding the use of Automotive Math and Motor Control Library Set for S12 MagniV MC9S12ZVM (REV 1.1.16), are there any differences in functions between the evaluation version provided by the official website and the authorized version after purchase, and are there any risks in the direct production of the evaluation version?

Do you have any friends who use NXP products for mass production?