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Get two NTAG devices (NT3H2211) to talk to one another

Question asked by Andrew Clifford on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Estephania Martinez

Hi, is it posible to use one NTAG chip to power up and talk to another?


A bit of background:

I have two NXP microcontroller evaluation boards setup:

  1. QN9080SIP-DK (contains the QN9080-001-M17, a SIP with built-in NT3H2211 chip)
  2. QN9080 DK (contains the QN9080, with no NFC) with a OM23221 board attached (containing a NT3H2211 NFC chip)

I believe these two boards are now effectively the same. The NFC chip is attached to the I2C interface of the MCU in each case.

What i would like to do, ideally is have one of the board wake up the other using NFC. Ultimately, I would like this to trigger a BLE connection, but one step at a time!

Is it possible for the devices to talk to each other in this way? If so, are there and tips/application notes/examples that might be helpful?

Thanks in advance for any help!