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[KEAZN64] Writing in WDOG_CNTL by assembly

Question asked by Mohammed Aboelnasr on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Mohammed Aboelnasr



I am trying to write in register WDOG_CNTL by the following:


1. Saving address of register WDOG_CNTL in register r3

2. Writing needed value "A6" in register r2

3. Storing r2 value inside address of r3


asm ("MOVS r2,#0x40"); /* 40 */
asm ("LSLS r3,r2,#24");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0x05"); /* 05 */
asm ("LSLS r2,r2,#16");
asm ("ADD r3,r2,r3");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0x20"); /* 20 */
asm ("LSLS r2,r2,#8");
asm ("ADD r3,r2,r3");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0x03"); /* 03 */
asm ("ADD r3,r2,r3");
asm ("MOVS r2,#0");


asm("MOVS r2,#0xA6");
asm("STRH r2,[r3]");


At the last assembly line, assembler jumps to "Hard_Fault" exception.


Would you help please ?